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For most local and International tourists to South Africa, a Kruger Park safari is a once in a lifetime experience. Nhongo Safaris are committed to providing unforgettable Kruger Park safaris and open vehicle game drives to the Kruger Park, ensuring that your African safari holiday to the Kruger Park is a memorable one.

Our Kruger Park safaris offer one of the few opportunities left in the world to see Africa's Big 5, the leopard, lion, rhino, buffalo and elephant, as well as the abundance of fauna and flora, mammals, reptiles and birdlife.

At Nhongo Safaris, we meet and exceed all expectations of our Kruger Park safari guests while keeping our costs reasonable on all Kruger Park safaris and maintaining the highest standard of service and attention to detail.

"We love what we do & aim to do it well!" - Nhongo Safaris MD & ranger, Dean Cherry.

Open Vehicle Game Drives on Kruger Park Safaris

open vehicle game drivesExperience one of our Kruger Park safari open vehicle game drives in the world renowned Kruger National Park on either one of our overnight Kruger Park safaris or our daily open vehicle game drives, which will enable you, if you are staying on the perimeter of the Kruger Park, the opportunity of seeing Africa's Big 5 and experiencing the natural wonders of the Kruger Park.

All of our overnight open vehicle game drives, from our two day Kruger Park safari to our nine day Kruger Park safari are conducted in our own safari vehicles and include all transfers, accommodation, dinner, breakfast, entrance fees and open vehicle day drives.

Kruger Park safaris

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Kruger Park Safaris & Open Vehicle Game Drives with Nhongo Safaris